Sooke Food CHI volunteer outreach worker for summer 2012

Sooke Region Food CHI Society has some funding from Wal-Mart Evergreen, and Vancity to contract a person for up to 12 hours a week beginning in June through to September (4 months). The contractor will engage volunteers in various activities (see list below) to assist production, harvest and distribution of produce to those in need in the Sooke area.

SRG is a most welcoming place for volunteers. There are many opportunities and activities which one can become involved with – all designed to promote and foster healthy living and wellness.

  • Growing vegetables for self and others in the community plots
  • Eating nutritious food , sharing with others
  • Cooking local foods at SRG – cob oven, wood fire grills
  • Landscaping – shrub and flower beds at SRG
  • Weeding & garden maintenance (weed whackers, lawn mower, tilling)
  • Watering –  irrigation systems, cisterns, hoses
  • Carpentry – tool and storage shed shelves, signage
  • Orchard caretaking at SRG – planting, grafting, nurturing etc
  • Gleaning fruit from trees in Sooke area, late summer, early fall
  • Social events at SRG – potlucks, festivals, site tours
  • Native gardens – maintenance, gatherings/plantings, development of the wetland garden area

Potential volunteers will be anyone interested in gardening and furthering Food CHI’s objectives at SRG.  Some volunteers may also include clients in receipt of income assistance, IHN services & programs, and Sooke Work Link services. 

The OUTREACH worker will be a member of the Food Chi SRG team (Phoebe Dunbar, Jessica Boquist, Emily Moreland, Erika Rolston, Glen Thelin, and Mel Hull)

Purpose of the Outreach program

The program delivers many healthy active lifestyle benefits to volunteers; benefits that contribute to physical/mental/emotional health and ability to become connected to the community. The SRG community is also assisted by volunteer contributions, ideas, energy, and a willingness to learn and share. Advantages of being involved at SRG include: friendships, growing and eating nutritious foods, exercise, and an enhanced sense of wellness and positive outlooks. Purposes of the outreach program include:

  1. Engage volunteers to become involved a few hours a week at Sunriver Community Gardens (SRG), by telephone, 1:1 greetings, site visits
  2. Orient the volunteer to activities that may be of interest to them, and one that may help the person become connected to SRG and the community at large.
  3. Foster leadership and stewardship skills amongst volunteers, where appropriate.
  4. Support the volunteer so the placement is successful and meaningful.
  5. Create social opportunities, through volunteer appreciation activities.

Outreach Worker Activities

  • Liaise with Sooke agencies to connect with potential SRG volunteers
  • Respond to enquiries and referrals re potential volunteers
  • Arrange transportation by accessing rides with others or by bus – BC transit bus #64; Seniors bus
  • Orient volunteer to SRG – provide a scope of activities they may wish to be involved with. Give them choices of activity and times to be there.
  • Orient them to the tools, and equipment they may need at SRG
  • Plan and post site and Food CHI garden activities  ahead of time – work with the SRG team; be aware of what needs done for scheduled times or times when volunteer can take on activities on their own.
  • Support volunteers – make the placement work for them through respect and understanding.
  • Enable the volunteer to become a part of SRG where there is comfort for them to do so
  • Provide/coordinate refreshments and social time to support volunteerism and friendships
  • Get your hands dirty, work with the volunteers

Contract Requirements

Hours – 12 hours a week to support volunteers and activities at SRG 3 scheduled times of 3 hours per session at SRG Wed and Sunday afternoons when Emily there, one morning a week
Record keeping – Maintain a log of hours worked, and activities performed
Invoices – submit bi monthly or monthly to Sooke Region Food CHI
Expenses – submit invoices for allowable expenses as per Outreach budget – gasoline, refreshments etc, extra vehicle liability insurance
Accountability – Be a part of the SRG team – connect weekly (Wed afternoons)
Reports – Produce final report by September 30 2012

Qualifications Required for the OUTREACH worker

Maturity and patience
Proven ability to work independently, problem solve
Leadership skills
Understanding of behaviours of those with chronic health and other issues that make it difficult for them to connect with their community
Basic garden skills, or ability to learn from and with Emily
Knowledge of the community of Sooke and surrounding area
Ability to respect individual’s boundaries, be a volunteer supporter and enabler, not a counsellor or social worker
Team player – communication and respect

Submit résumé and covering letter by 8 pm June 01, 2012
Sooke Region Food CHI Society
c/o 2305 Henlyn Dr, Sooke BC
V9Z 0N5

or by email