Sooke Region Food CHI (Food CHI) is working to create vibrant, sustainable food systems for our area.

Our region, which includes the Sooke District, Otter Point, East Sooke and Shirley areas, is rooted in viable local production, historical and First Nations’ knowledge and environmental stewardship. Concerned individuals, producers and consumers have joined together to foster the knowledge of growing food.

Here you will find information about programs, events, news and more. We invite you to explore the work we do, make use of the resources found on this site and join us.

Upcoming Community Events

Value Your Farmer Forum
Agrologist, organic farmer and food security activist Arzeena Hamir (Amara Farm) and organic farmer Moss Dance (Ripple Farm)—together, Merville Organics, Comox Valley—discuss how a community can support regional farmers and what farmers can do as a group to support one another.  All are welcome: farmers, gardeners and localvores alike!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
7pm – 9pm, EMCS

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